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Ignoring the heatwave and pretending it’s fall

Things are slightly less on fire, so I’d say things are looking pretty good for me right now. I got a new phone, which was expensive, and a new car, which is slightly more expensive. So yay for being a … Continue reading

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Don’t tell me it’s fanfiction

It’s that time again, dear readers. That time when I sit down to figure out how much work I’ve gotten done over the past few weeks and suddenly realize I’ve been watching three different TV shows. I’m not procrastinating. I’ve … Continue reading

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Sunday (a short story)

Sunday “I don’t want to go to church!” the little boy shouted at his mother. The young woman was waiting impatiently at the boy’s door, holding his freshly pressed church clothes. “Only bad boys skip church,” his mother warned. “If … Continue reading

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The writer/baker

Since I’ve now gotten the obligatory awkward first post out of the way, I guess I could tell you more about who I am. I am, first and foremost, a writer. I have been writing, or at least trying to, … Continue reading

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