Let’s just do everything at once

Time for some fun and exciting updates!! (at least the ones I can share right now)

I’ve actually been busy this time, which is why it took so long to post again. I was out of town for a week on vacation with my family, which will have it’s own separate post. Lots of plotting and planning with MLT, which I will tell you all about…soon.

So, vacation with the whole family. It was not what I expected in good and bad ways, but overall, a nice break from work. I was still woken up every morning at 6am, but it was because my niece and nephew wanted to see me, which is significantly better than going to work.

We rented a beautiful house within walking distance of the beach. Instead of wild sight-seeing and tours, we spent most of our time at the beach or just spending time with each other. Sounds less exciting than it really was. I brought my e-reader, 2 books, and a ton of notebooks for the week. I only finished one book that week, but I made a point to write every night.

I also made the (terrible) decision not to bring my laptop so I could focus more on spending time with the family. When everyone else went to bed early, I spent a few hours journaling in my notebook. It reminded me how much I loved keeping a diary when I was younger. I went through so many diaries and notebooks as a child. That’s probably where my obsession with notebooks came from. I made a real effort to write every night, and I’m really excited about what I got done. It was nice to have those 2 hours every night to reflect on things. Family time can be wonderful and exhausting. Expect the next post to be my ridiculous musings from the week. Stay tuned.

So the week I got back from vacation I thought it’d be a good idea to start a bunch of different projects at once. I made a last minute decision to attend Indy Pop Con, which required a last minute costume. I’m pleased to say that I made a decent Green Ranger costume in less than a week. The con itself was pretty disappointing, but I got to spend the day with one of my best friends. We ended the night at a Drink and Draw contest downtown. As someone who can’t draw to save their life, I found it hilarious and fun. I was unaware of the serious artists that would be attending. For good reason, though, as the top prize was a booth for next year’s con. Sadly, my dinosaur drawing was not a winner.

Along with making a costume for a con and celebrating the 4th of July in hilarious ways, I received a manuscript from my friend to read and edit. Oh, and I started working on my confusing fanfiction for Camp Nano. Totally a reasonable amount of things to do in a week.

I’m excited about everything I’m working on right now, especially the charcoal grill I impulsively bought because it was on clearance. Expect weekly updates on what I’m grilling every week. I’ve never actually grilled before in my life, so this is both terrifying and exciting. I’m going to get some grill utensils tomorrow, since I think I might need something more than my cat spatula. I’m pretty excited to grill some pineapple tomorrow.

So, to summarize, lots of good stuff coming up soon. A new story to write, a new manuscript to edit, a new grill to grill everything on. Also something exciting that MLT has been working very hard on. It might have taken half a year for things to get going, but it’s definitely worth it. Here’s to hoping the second half of the year is more productive than the first.

Thanks, once again, for reading! I hope everyone else is having much sunnier weather than the storms that have been rocking Indiana lately. I am currently halfway underwater.

What projects are you guys working on right now? Anyone else feeling motivated knowing that the year is halfway over? Find me on Twitter or leave a comment to let me know what you guys are all working on. I’d love to hear about it!


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  1. All. The. Things. But I’m so proud you bought that grill.

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