New year, new boots, new plans to ignore

Yay, we’ve all survived the holidays!!!

I’m pretty relieved the holidays are over. It’s such a stressful time. Lots of traveling, cooking, planning, present buying. But the time I get to spend with my family (particularly the niece and nephews) makes it worth it.

I’ve been busy, as usual, and have so much crazy stuff happening this year. At least, I hope so.

Now let’s have some updates, because it’s been way too long!


I’ve been working on some short story ideas recently. That was always my favorite form to write, so it’s something I tend to fall back on. I’ve been pushing myself to finish my novel, but those short stories are always lurking in the back on my head.

In my constant effort to make myself write every day, I’ve started a new project. I’m doing a daily journal that requires me to write on a different theme every day. It’s just a small challenge, but it keeps me motivated to write more. I’m hoping to turn this into a habit.

I also got the chance to catch up with another one of my talented writer friends. We’ve been friends since college (because she’s super awesome) and now she’s an English teacher and cool Mom. And, she still manages to get writing done. She’s pretty amazing. We got to talk about our writing, and how we can motivate each other this year. We’ve both been working on our stories for such a long time. I’m excited for what we’re both going to accomplish this year. If she can keep middle schoolers motivated, I think she can keep me with it too.


Since my last post I have read (or listened to) 11 books. Which means I met my reading goal for 2017!!

See, actual evidence. I didn’t think I was going to make it. I had been working both jobs, with very little free time. I’m pretty thankful for the audiobooks at the library. More specifically, the ones I can just stream from the website. It’s the best.

So I’m doing another reading challenge this year, which I haven’t completely figured out. It’s still early though. Plenty of time for me to make a list. I’ve been a little preoccupied with something that I will explain in a minute. Maybe less. But right now I am open to suggestions for books for the year. Any new authors people might be excited about, just leave a comment!

Plots and plans: 

Well, in hilarious news, I am going to another convention in a few weeks. It was random and unplanned, and not how I intended on starting the year. But I’m committed to this madness. Look for more updates on my costumes and the con itself on my Twitter. Or just for more cat pictures. Should be exciting.

There’s a few more conventions planned for this year, with new costumes (finally) and some questionable props. I’m not sure how this became my life, but I’ve come to accept it. My sewing skills have definitely improved. I just finished up a pleather corset that doesn’t look too bad, and made a cute little pleated skirt to go with it. I could explain what costume that’s for, but where’s the suspense in that? Check back in 3 weeks, and you’ll learn why I made such a ridiculous costume.

I got a cute new planner with a unicorn on it to remind myself everyday that I am magical and unique, and that no one else can make things happen for me. If I want get my stories published while being a successful editor, I need to get my shit together. Plus, the planner is sparkly.

So far, I’ve been staying on track with things. I’ve been writing most days, and working on a few of the other projects I’ve been planning. I’m working hard to make this a better year.

I hope everyone is enjoying the New Year, and this bitter cold that’s swept over Indiana again. My car doors were frozen again, but I managed to climb through the back door. Very little will stop me from getting coffee.

Thanks for reading! Feel free to leave a comment or book recommendation!



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