Don’t tell me it’s fanfiction

It’s that time again, dear readers. That time when I sit down to figure out how much work I’ve gotten done over the past few weeks and suddenly realize I’ve been watching three different TV shows. I’m not procrastinating. I’ve just been busy. So busy.

It’s been almost 2 months since I last posted. While this normally causes me to freak out, I have decided to be positive about it. I may have failed on my promise to post more frequently, but that doesn’t mean I’ve gotten nothing done. Ok, yes, I was in a slump and watching way more Netflix than I should have, but I’m working on it.

I took some time to actually plan out a few weeks with my planner. I made a goal of reading and writing each day, and limited myself to one episode of TV a day. It sounds strict, but I know my weaknesses, and it’s too easy to just lounge and binge-watch shows. By scheduling writing and reading times (and accounting for frequent interruptions from normal life) I’ve been able to get back into that creative mindset. One of the things I always missed from college was the daily writing prompts and the different kinds of literature I was exposed to. Getting back to that on my own has been an interesting experience.

One of my favorite things to search for on Pinterest is writing prompts. Sometimes they’re silly, but other times they’re actually pretty good. I love retellings of fairy tales, or old stories that we all know (and sometimes love). My word count for the past two months might be pretty low, but I’ve been working on developing different stories. I’m proud of how much plotting I’ve gotten done recently, and I’m excited about the new projects I’ve got coming up. Hopefully soon I can tell you the ridiculous things we have planned for this year. Go big or go home, kids.

In my Pinterest and Tumblr searches, I’ve found lots of different takes of familiar stories. So many of these horror and sci-fi ideas have been used and rebooted. Sometimes it’s cool, sometimes it gets weird. Sometimes I’m trying to decide if it’s just fanfiction that shouldn’t have been published.

As many of you might not know, I have very mixed feelings on fanfiction. I can’t lie and said I’ve never read it. I grew up watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer and was more than disappointed when my OTP never got together. Even though it was pretty clear that that’s what needed to happen. I think that was the first time my heart actually broke.

Anyways, I’ve been working on a few stories based on fairy tales and urban legends. I recently got an idea for a new story, based on a very old book. I started making notes, and outlining, and even did a character sketch. While I’m working on all of this, there’s a voice in the back of my head saying “Hm…this could be fanfiction.” While I’m insisting that it’s totally not fanfiction because the story is so old, my best friend and writing buddy is reminding me that the first fanfiction was Bible fanfiction. I’m not sure if that makes it acceptable or worse.

Speaking of MLT, I have to do a quick shout out to how awesome she is. She picked up a 25 pound box of peaches for me and WALKING it back to my apartment because I was at work when the peach truck came to town, and gave me some good tips on menu planning. She listens to all my writing breakdowns, encourages me to read and write weird fanfiction, and is generally a writing inspiration to me. We recently had a long talk at our local Dunkin Donuts until they politely kicked us out. We talked about our plans for the year, and how we could motivate each other. She’s the kind of person moody writers need in their life: a little ball of lightning that randomly pokes you to see if you’re still writing. So, like a writing taser.

When I first sat down to write this, I was in a pretty low mood. But after thinking about it for a few days, and planning out some fun things, I’m feeling more motivated again. I started working out, which the cats find hilarious. I’ve gotten back to cooking and baking at home, which I love. I just finished baking my 3rd round of peach flavored baked goods. Things are looking up now that I have more baked goods and writing inspiration. And, of course, so much iced coffee.

Thanks for reading! Here’s to hoping my next post is more organized!


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5 Responses to Don’t tell me it’s fanfiction

  1. *dancing around* Love being a little ball of lighting. This is the true recognition that I’ve longed for. But also, woo! Keep writing! If Dante can write self-insert biblical fan fiction and it become famous, why not you? Go write all the things!

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