I’m just here for the discounted candy

We’ve past the halfway point of February, which means most of the good chocolate from Valentine’s Day has been picked over. I was so excited about the cheap roses I got this year that I almost forgot to go back to the store and get some of that sweet, discounted candy on the 15th.  img_6162

I have returned and recovered (mostly) from my sudden, random trip across the Mississippi River to St. Louis. The convention itself was fun, and very different from the ones I’m used to in Indiana. I met so many interesting people, including one of my favorite actors (actual sweetheart Sebastian Stan) and someone I’ve been holding a grudge against for so many years, James Marsters.

I somehow ended up at James Marsters panel one of the days and he spoke about one of the worst scenes from my favorite show, and honestly I haven’t been the same since. My friends know how much the show Buffy the Vampire Slayer meant to me, so to hear his side of that terrible bathroom scene really made a difference. I was not prepared to have my mind changed about that. Ok, enough about my teenage fangirl problems. Let’s have some updates!!


So I’ve been keeping up with my daily journal, and I’ve started working on another story that came from one of my daily prompts. I’m pretty excited about it. Hopefully I’ll have more details to share soon.

I love writing short stories so much, so it’s been fun to get back into them after working on my novel for so long. The daily writing prompts have been getting me back into that habit of writing little stories whenever I can.

The con in St. Louis also held a drink-n-draw event like some of the other conventions we’ve been to. But in a shocking twist, this one had a writing challenge for those of us that can’t even draw a basic dinosaur. There were a couple different themes, and I chose to write a 6 sentence horror story (if you chose songs lyrics you were required to sing them to the judge). My story didn’t win, but it was pretty cool to include writers in the contest.


Went to see the Arch, ended up with 6 different kinds of fudge


I just started reading a collection of short stories called Ordinary Souls by J. S. Bailey. I was given her book by one of my friend’s for my birthday, so I’m a little behind in reading it. My friend met her at a horror convention in Cincinnati, so I got a nice personalized note in the book as well. I’m liking the stories so far, and I love supporting local authors. My family is from that area, so it’s cool to see someone writing something so similar to what I want to write. Expect a better review on the next post when I’ve finished all the stories. It’s always exciting to identify so much with another writer’s style. I can’t wait to read more of her work!

Plots and plans:

I’ve been having a tough time lately, but I’m trying to stay positive. I’ve been pushing myself with my writing quite a bit more, and trying out different styles. I’m also trying to get myself more organized, which is slowly working.

I’m working on some new costumes for conventions this year. I’ve been making my own costumes for years, but it’s usually just for Halloween. Making several different costumes a year is a little different. This whole cosplay thing has been a weird new adventure. I told my friends I wanted to live a more creative life. I guess this is what happens when you have supportive friends.

I have also been working on some ideas for short story collections. I wrote one set that was a horror story for each day of the week, and now I think I want to do another one based on the four horsemen of the apocalypse. And one about late night encounters…but I’m still working on that one. I like having an overall theme for my stories. Usually when I’m working on several at once, there’s a specific tone that tends to come through. I’ve been feeling inspired by some of the new music I’ve been listening to. Hopefully these turn out as well as cool as they seem in my head!

I think that’s it for now. I know my last post got a little long, but that’s just because January is always crazy. I’m looking forward to a less crazy month ahead.

Thanks for reading!


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