No spring cleaning, just spring setbacks

Here we are again, returning from another hiatus. Judging by my last post, my Thor-themed word tracker, and my Goodreads app, it’s been over two months since I’ve actually read or written anything. What have I been doing since then? Good question.

February and March seemed like such a blur, and now April is almost over. It’s hard to remember what’s been going on since I’ve been so down lately.

I attended Indiana Comic Con and an incredibly nervous cosplayer. I took notes at some of the panels, and plan on detailing that whole experience in my next post.

I visited my college for the last event before it closes this year. I caught up with my favorite professors and reminisced about the coffee shop. I even made a sort of peace with some old friends (That story is a whole novel series in itself).

But mostly I let myself slip back into bad habits. No writing or reading updates this time, which is why I haven’t posted anything. I’m no closer to my goals, and it’s pretty disappointing. But instead of continuing to ignore this blog and keep hiding in my room, I’m forcing myself to post this. I want to motivate myself to keep writing. I keep thinking that I should be writing each day, and how I just need to start doing it to make it a habit. But each day ends, and suddenly it’s time to go to bed, and nothing has been accomplished. The only way for me to change that is to start writing. So here I am, at 11pm, writing about what I haven’t been doing.

I hope everyone else has had more luck than I have. Tune in next time for a detailed report on Comic Con, and then some nostalgic stories from my college reunion.

Thank you for reading this very short post. Here’s to Monday Motivation!


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I'm just going to keep writing until I run out of words
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