The seasons are changing (and so must I)

I have lived my whole life in Indiana. I’m used to the Indiana way, how people drive and live. So moving halfway across the country has been sort of strange for me.

The first thing I learned is that everyone runs red lights. And honks if you don’t. Or if you don’t go the second the light changes. Basically, everyone is an aggressive driver, except me. It’s been terrifying.

The second, and most important right now, is that the weather is different. It seems silly to worry about, but my year revolves around autumn things. I’m a November kid, so pumpkin pretty much runs in my blood.

I’m used to Indiana summers, which can stretch all the way to September. But here I am, nestled under a blanket in August, looking at the overcast almost-autumn sky. It was chilly when I went to work. My coworkers described it as gross and cold. But to me it’s perfect. It’s time to get out the jackets and prepare the pantry for pumpkin flavored everything.

I can feel the seasons changed here, before the pumpkin spice lattes are even available. It’s exciting to know that when pumpkin season starts, I won’t be drinking my latte on hot day.

The coolness brings me peace of mind, as well. I do better in the fall. It’s easier for me to take a breath and relax, and get through those rough days when the air is cooler and smells like leaves. I’m more inclined to write when I’m not sweating and uncomfortable.

I hope everyone out there is enjoying the weather as much as I am. Thanks for reading!


About Jess

I'm just going to keep writing until I run out of words
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