A view from the balcony

I needed more inspiration to write today, so I changed my position in the living room.

I usually sit on the couch where it’s comfortable. Probably too comfortable. I put my feet up, maybe keep the TV on for sound, drink some coffee, have a snack. Suddenly it’s dinner time, and I need to do some dishes.

Clean the kitchen, do some laundry, my favorite show will be on soon, then I should probably get to bed early.

So many excuses and distractions that I forget that I have the apartment to myself all day, which is my ideal writing setting.

I turned off the TV, poured another cup of coffee, and took my computer to the table.

My view from the top

My view from the balcony

This is what I get to look at now, and it’s much less distracting to me. It’s beautiful and quiet, one of my favorite things about living in this small city. It’s a stark contrast to my bedroom window view, which is just trees and a busy highway.

Enough of this distracting blog now. I’ve finished my 3rd cup of coffee and backing up my computer. Time to get back to writing. I hope everyone out there is enjoying this beautiful day, and hopefully you’re being more productive than me.

Thanks for reading


About Jess

I'm just going to keep writing until I run out of words
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