It’s time to refocus. It’s mid-April, time to get over the distractions.

There’s been too many distractions. Birthdays and babies, parties and drinking. Oh, yes, there was drinking.

But I let myself get distracted. I keep doing that. Even now, I am. Drink some water, open my writing, eat some chocolate, play with the cat, look over my notes.

Last night I went in my room to sit quietly and work. Two hours later my roommate caught me reading articles on instead of writing. “Why aren’t you writing?” she scolded. “I’m getting there…” I said defensively.

But I don’t know if I am.

I’ve had more dark days than light lately. It’s something I’m trying to work on. It’s helpful to have someone like my roommate that knows when to leave me alone and when to poke me with a stick and say “Hey, you should probably be writing.”

I was doing well, for a while, then I relapsed. Stress can do that to a person. It’s time to get back up, though. It’s time to soak up some sun and positive energy. To keep writing, not just on my book but on the short stories that I love so much.

That’s enough of this for now. Hope everyone is staying positive on another gloomy Monday. Thank you for reading!


About Jess

I'm just going to keep writing until I run out of words
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