A little poetry for dessert

So much reminiscing! 

I’ve been going through a few things on my computer during my strange times off, so I thought I might post a few poems that I’ve found. I’m working on some new things right now, so hopefully they’ll be ready to post this week.

It’s not the brightest of poems, but I think it’s interesting. Enjoy!


Just stop right there, my walrus friend,

That’s a subject you don’t want to touch.

I know you think you know it all,

But guess what—

I’ve lied too.

Big surprise, I know, but my lies have far from damaged you.

I told you things to keep you away,

Things to make you hate me.

The lies I’ve told have made you cry,

And at the same time proclaim your love.

It made no sense.

I wanted you to hate me.

It was the only way to ensure my freedom.

But you were too desperate to let anything go.

So once again you had to tell me you love me.

The story has grown old, my little walrus friend,

And it’s been discussed to pieces.

There is no more chance for you to plead what happened.

No more sad excuses from you.

You still love me, I know,

I was the best thing to ever happen

But this is beyond all repair.

You cheated and lied,

And broke my heart twice,

Yet still you claim what doesn’t belong.

I know what you did,

And how many times.

My lies are nothing compared to yours.

Oh, little walrus, if you want to be trusted, stick with the very first story.

You’ve changed it so many times you don’t even remember how it happened.

Now you are even trying to make it my fault.

That was the final blow, my walrus friend,

I know I’ve done nothing wrong.

The lies I’ve told have meant nothing if we look at the past 6 months

Your lies have ruined lives, worst of all your own.

Of all the people you have hurt, you came out most damaged.

I know you don’t want to hear it,

My sad, little walrus friend,

But you are so unhappy it physically hurts this world.

I can only hope you are drawing closer to the end of this pathetic charade.

You are down to 3 friends, how many have you lost so far?

There are at least 10 that I know of, but then, what do I know?

You’ve kept too many secrets from me.

All I know, little walrus, is that this is the end.

Walk away now, delete me from your life.

I will not be a part of it anymore.

I know in a month you will screw up so bad,

You will look to me to hold your hand while you cry

By then I will have forgotten your name.

You will be a stranger in the street,

Just another person in this world,

No longer my little walrus friend


Once again, thank you for reading! I’m feeling more inspired this week, so look for some new posts coming soon!



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I'm just going to keep writing until I run out of words
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