Bracelets, or reminiscing while I pack for vacation

The morning before I was to leave for vacation, I was rummaging though a few things, trying to get all the last minute things together. I started digging through my jewelry, looking for a few necklaces to take with me, when I stumbled upon some old bracelets.

The first one was a matching one to one of my best friends. Years ago, we got matching Egyptian best friend bracelets, if such a thing is real. It reminded me of when my life was a little less complicated, and a little more dramatic. We wore our bracelets all the time, until the strings came loose and we had to retire them before they broke. We’re still best friends now, and I’m positive she still has her bracelet.

The second thing I pulled out was gold chain with my name engraved on a plate. It came to me in a simple little box, but it was from my brother. I remember when he gave it to me and how excited I was to have something so nice. He might not have given it much thought, but I was in love with it. It made me feel mature, and loved.

Every so often my brother has these rare moments where he does something right, and shows that he was thinking about me when he picked something out for me. He had another moment like this when he went on vacation and brought me back a beautiful necklace, instead of just something goofy.

The next two things I grabbed were some nice bracelets from my mom. She got them from one of her favorite stores, and was super thrilled when she gave them to me so I wore them frequently for her. They aren’t particularly my style, but now I see them as a sign of my mom’s love for me. It shows how she only wants the best for me, and to spoil me and let me know that I am loved everyday.

The final bracelet I found in the mess was the one that almost brought me to tears. It’s not a sad story, really. I was just super tired and the memory made me so happy. It was a bracelet from my dad. He had gone on a business trip to Vegas, I think. My dad doesn’t go on a lot of business trips, but when he does always brings us back something nice. One year he went to the east coast and brought us back taffy and emerald colored jewelry.

But this bracelet was special. It was the kind that you had to pull apart and link together, and you could get all different kinds of links with all sorts of things on them, like jewels or letters or animals or flags. Literally anything. Well, my dad had seen these bracelets around town and thought that they looked pretty cool. So he got one for my sister and one for me, then spent the night in the hotel putting them together.

It’s more impressive than it sounds. My burly, intimidating father who works on machines took apart those linked bracelets and put on our birthstones and initials. I couldn’t believe that he had taken the time to do it. I was thrilled to have something that my dad had made for me, and I wore my bracelet constantly. I showed it off to people at school, telling them how awesome my dad is. See, it’s a happy story.

Seeing the one from my dad really made me miss him, but also reminded me how lucky I am to have him. I wasn’t able to go home to see him for his birthday last week, but we’re going on a family vacation in a few weeks. I plan on bringing it to show him that I still have it. My dad is awesome(and so is my mom, of course).

Thanks for reading another rambling bit. I hope everyone is having a great week!


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